Enjoy more "Peace of Mind" for all your Family Members

Features include:

Social Network

Private Social Network for Family & Friends

Map pin icon

See Current Location and Create Geo-fences

Lyft Rides

Schedule Rides with Lyft for your family or self

Automatic activity Sensor

Automatic Activity Sensor

Notification icon

Real Time Alerts and Notifications

Enjoy a private network for only your family and closest friends

Share news, photos, memories and inspirations that you want to keep between only your family and closest friends (not with your 450 contacts on other public social media sites). Connect your parents with their grandkids via an easy to use, intuitive private network.

Stay close even when you're miles apart

Get updates on the location of family members included automated alerts for locations that you set. Learn when your daughter gets home from school or your mother arrived at her doctor's appointment.

Introducing Family Rides by Lyft

Now you can request, schedule, track and pay for Family Rides for your loved ones, even if they don't have a smart phone. When you are too busy to drive, your parents and kids can still get where they need to go. (Requires payment by credit card).

Relax with an extra helping hand to assist you at your busiest times

Users who upgrade to Home Connect service can access a team of personal assistants 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our concierge service can help to organize appointments and transportation, find and purchase gifts and even plan that family vacation!

Don’t skip a beat

Connected Living works across multiple Apple iOS
and Android devices so your entire family can stay connected.

Apple devices